Whether it's due to climate change, a potential drop in the price of air conditioners, the trend of almost all new homes in the United States being built with central heat and cooling systems, or some other socioeconomic variable, the number of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics jobs available is likely to jump "much faster than average" - according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) - by a rate of 15 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Even though working on air conditioners likely doesn't seem like a thrilling job, its high pay and relatively low training requirements - don't forget the widespread ability to be one's own manager while out on calls - are attractive to many young people. Here are a few reasons why the job path is so sought after.

Salaries Are Comparatively High For The Type Of Work It Involves

According to the BLS, the median HVAC and refrigeration mechanic made roughly $47,000 per year; both salaries and wages were calculated the same way - by multiplying 52 weeks per year by 40 hours per week at $22.64 per hour. It's unlikely that most of these technicians and installers of home central ventilation units get paid salaries due to the per-job nature of their work and the fact that comparatively more white-collar workers are awarded salaries than their typically-wage-working, low-income counterparts.

Working With No Boss Is Rewarding To Many People

Many people are motivated to be self-employed because they simply don't want to work under the direction of a superior. Even though self-employment typically carries along a higher risk of business failure and becoming indebted due to bad business moves, its benefits are far more alluring.

You Can Advance

People who haven't worked as professional HVAC technicians don't understand HVAC systems' inner workings; former HVAC technicians are often hired into higher-up roles because of such hands-on experience.

No matter where you are, people look for - HVAC jobs in Hampton Roads, Flagstaff, Nashville, and Miami, for example - HVAC jobs like they're going out of style. Now you know exactly why they're so popular.

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