Keep Your Cool with an Air Conditioner Inspection

An air conditioning unit is a nice luxury to have on a warm day. You want to make sure the unit is properly maintained all year long. Routine maintenance can help you save money and extend the life of the unit. A yearly inspection is a good way to examine the unit and keep it in top shape. This basic check will examine the key elements of your air conditioning system.

Inspect the Air Flow and Drainage

A simple inspection will check if your unit has proper air flow. If there is an obstruction, it can cause the coil to freeze up. Anything from dirty air filters to damaged blowers can impede air flow. Humidity in the air can lead to ice on the coils. This can affect the unit's cooling system. The same goes for the drainage system as well. The unit is the main dehumidifier for the home. When a hose is blocked, it can cause the system to malfunction. By unclogging the hose or pipe, you can see a big improvement with the unit's performance.

Clean the Unit

There are many parts to an air conditioning system. You want to make sure to clean the filter, blower wheel, and evaporator wheel. These parts can get dirty due to being outside in the elements. Most units prematurely fail due to dust and debris buildup. This is routine maintenance that should not be ignored. A little care for the unit can extend its life.

Recharge the A/C System

If your unit is not properly charged, it can cost you a little money. A 20 percent undercharge can double your utility bill. Your compressor works harder if it is undercharged. The refrigerant is the lifeline of the unit. It must be properly maintained to keep your unit properly functioning. A tune up will give your unit a needed recharge.

A tuneup is important to extend the life of your air conditioning system. A malfunctioning unit can cost you money. You can schedule an air conditioning fort myers fl inspection today. It can keep your unit running properly, even during the hottest months of the summer.

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