Transform Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

The value and look of your home depend on a variety of factors including the status of the front of your house. Make the most of your outdoor living spaces with landscape lighting. With so many different types of lighting, you can add personality to any space in your yard.

Edging Lights

Use lights around the ends of your planter boxes. Sit the landscape lighting Overland Park right on the inside of the brick or stone to create a unique effect.

Christmas Lights

Get more out of your Christmas lights by using them along the fences. The bright white lights come in convenient rolls and lines making them easy to use all over the yard.

Dramatic Uplighting

Place lighting in your planters right next to the home. The light should be focused upward to shine on the home in strategic places.

Go Solar

Save money on your electric bill with the variety of solar lights available. Many come with solar recharging batteries and can be used anywhere on your property without the need for running electrical wiring.

Illuminate Steps

Use small lights called luminaries to light up steps. Or place lights inside the stairs to light up the area. Not only do the lights look beautiful, but they allow you to safely navigate the stairs when the sun goes down.

Water Fun

If you have a moat or pond, place waterproof lights in and around the area to brighten the space. Lights can be placed on top or underneath the water for an ethereal glow.

Tree Lights

Light up your trees with well-placed lighting. The illumination shows the beauty of nature long after the sun has set below the horizon.

Pathway Illumination

Take an evening stroll along the safety of your pathway. Bright lights help you see at night, so you don’t have to forgo a walk any time of day.
Landscape lighting comes in a variety of brightness, styles and functions. Speak with a landscape designer to see how you can use lights to brighten up your home and yard.

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