How To Set Up For a Large Event

Your organization is planning a large event and you are responsible to get everything arranged for it. While this task might seem overwhelming, keeping a detailed schedule and accurate notes will make sure your clients and employees have a good time. Here are a few steps to follow when preparing for your gathering.

Reserve Equipment In Advance

If you plan to use tables, chairs, large led screens, or any other audio and visual equipment for your get-together, research which companies near you have these for rent and ask for quotes. You will want to do this a few months in advance to ensure that they will be available for the day that you need them. Contact the facility you are hosting your event to find out what the size of the room you will be in is and if they have the outlets you will need for the electronic items that you are renting.

Estimate the Attendance

Determine what the purpose of your event is and who would most likely attend your event. If you are planning a product launch or a convention for your clients, assemble a list of your customers and estimate how many from each company would come. While it is difficult to get an accurate count at this point, you should be able to use the numbers that you calculate to rent the right space and begin ordering refreshments.

Know How Much You Can Spend

Before you get too far into planning for your gathering, determine what your budget will be for it. Allocate what money you want to spend on each item on your list and decide what needs the most funding to make the most impact on those who attend. Reach out for quotes from area businesses to see what it will cost for the supplies you need then see if what you have planned will work with the budget you are given.

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