Tips to Being a Great Office Manager

Being an office manager means that you wear many hats. You are charged with keeping the office running smoothly and that could entail ordering supplies, doling out paychecks, offering skill building classes, mediating disputes and many other day-to-day jobs of running an office. To be the best office manager you can be, focus on developing these three skills.

Be Proactive

At some point, everything in the office is going to stop working or get squeaky or fall apart. An excellent office manager will have design jets repair Loudoun County VA on her speed dial, a can of WD40 in her desk and a ready catalog of office supplies for when no amount of duct tape will fix the problem. Create a maintenance calendar so that every system from printers to office furniture gets a once over at least once a year.

Stay Focused

An office manager will always have a to-do list a mile long in a busy office. Learn to set priorities and to schedule time to work on specific tasks. It’s okay to close your door for 1-2 hours every day so that you can really concentrate on important jobs. Set aside a specific amount of time to look at emails or social media accounts each day. If you check them frequently for just a minute or two, you actually lose more time than if you devote a certain chunk of time each day to focus on that one task.

Create a Positive Culture

An office manager can really make or break office culture. Instead of saying, “That’s not my job,” spend a few minutes showing a new hire how to complete a task. Plan for special days to celebrate the great people you work with. An occasional box of donuts in the break room can really go a long way to creating a positive working environment.

The office manager is the heart and soul of an office. Everyone depends on you for something. You alone often hold the key to a well-managed, happy workplace.

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