Should I Snus or Should I Smoke?

Exposure, and influence are main reasons why people start to smoke as teenagers. Those who have friends and family members who smoke are likely to try cigarette smoking at an early age. Ads, videos, and celebrities that depict smoking as cool can also influence young people to start smoking. Nowadays tobacco use is no longer limited to just smoking cigars or cigarettes. Tobacco alternatives like snus and vaping are now seen as trendy or fashionable. The question is, are these alternatives better compared to smoking? 

The recent news linking lung injuries and deaths to vaping in the US rules it out a safe alternative to traditional smoking. That leaves us with snus and Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) for those who can’t kick the habit as well as for those seeking to address tobacco dependence. Snus can be a non-medical option for NRT. It is “a moist powder smokeless tobacco product originating from a variant of dry snuff in early 18th-century Sweden” according to Wikipedia. It comes in a loose or pinched powder form and portion form which are packed in small tea-bag like pouches. Snus is consumed by placing the powder or pouches under the upper lip. 

Being a tobacco product snus also has health risks but not as extensive as that of cigarette smoking. They include nicotine addiction and cancer risks among others. The level of risk depends on the ingredients or chemical components of the product. Snus from Sweden is regulated by their Swedish Food Act which sets a limit to the number of chemicals allowed to be in their products. This is why they pose less risk or less harm compared to cigarettes as well as other smokeless tobacco products. 

Why choose to snus instead of smoking? In terms of health risks, snus is considered less harmful compared to cigarette smoking. Given that it is a form of smokeless tobacco, it spares your lungs from being invaded by harmful gases. Not just that it also protects the people around you from inhaling second hand smoke.

Choosing snus over cigarettes doesn’t mean less enjoyment for those who crave for the taste or flavors of tobacco. There are mild and strong snus flavors that you can choose from. This can range from light to heavy tobacco flavors, or hints of floral and citrus flavors. You can find flavored versions in both Scandinavian and US manufactured snus. The decision to choose between “snusing” and smoking is up to you. Just remember to keep everything in moderation and make sure you understand label warnings before indulging in it.

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