The Top Signs You Should Call an Electrician

A faulty electrical system can cause serious issues in your home. It can create a fire hazard and cause your sensitive and expensive electrical equipment to short circuit. While some issues with the electrical system will be obvious, others may not.

It is up to you to know the signs you need to hire a professional for electrical services Temecula CA. Keep reading to learn what some of these signs are.

Flickering Lights

Your lights may flicker for a few reasons. Flickering lights could be the sign of a wiring issue in a fixture. If you notice buzzing and flickering, it may indicate an arc fault in your wiring.

If a few lights are flickering at the same time when a large appliance kicks on, it may be a sign the circuit box should be upgraded. Failure to have this problem fixed can lead to a dangerous overload.

Circuit Breakers That Trip Frequently

A circuit breaker will trip if electrical devices in your home have pulled too much power through the wires all at once. Usually, a home will trip the circuit breaker from time to time. However, if these tripping incidents occur more often, it could be a sign the breaker box is getting overloaded often. If you have an older home, this is another sign you need to invest in an upgrade.

You Are Using Too Many Extension Cords

You can easily overload a circuit in your home if you have plugged in several extension cords to a single outlet. If you are currently using several extension cords in a room, plugging in cords to power strips, or using these cords as a permanent fixture, it is a sign you need more outlets.

Don’t take chances with your home’s electrical system. Issues can not only be dangerous, but they are going to cause more wear and tear and more problems as time passes.

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