How To Reduce Your Heating Bill

Do you dread the winter months because you know your electricity bill will skyrocket? Luckily, you don't need to live in constant fear of the cold. Here are some ways you can reduce your heating bill. 

Check the Insulation

If you've never replaced the attic insulation in your home, chances are that it's a big culprit in why your home is losing so much heat. Having adequate insulation in the attic can save you as much as 30% on your utilities costs each month. 

You can check your insulation levels simply by looking at them. If you can see any part of the floor joists in the attic, you need more insulation. Make sure you speak to a professional to help you determine the best kind of insulation for your family's needs. 

Look at the Windows

It is estimated that as much as 25% of your home's heat loss could be through your windows. The heat loss could happen if you have old, single-pane windows or missing or damaged caulk around the windows that allows the heat to escape. While the initial costs of new windows can be a bit high, the immediate energy savings you'll see will quickly add up, quickly making up for the cost of the windows. 

When considering new windows, speak to a window installer Batavia NY about your options. There are many different energy-efficient options in a variety of different styles.  

Close the Flue

Cuddling by the fire is a great way to spend the evening, but you're losing a tremendous amount of heat if you aren't closing the flue when the fire has gone out. A traditional fireplace flue can let out as much heat as a 4-foot wide window that is wide open. If you continually forget to close it after the fire and embers have burned out, then perhaps set alerts or alarms that will remind you before you go to bed for the night. 

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