How to Choose the Right Kind of Kitchen Cabinet Handles

There are many types of kitchen cabinet handles available. Here is a guide to picking the right ones. Before buying kitchen cabinet handles, you should know how to choose the correct mounting method for your cabinets. You should also consider how many holes are in the door and the spacing between them. Finally, in addition to the mounting process, you should consider the kitchen cabinet handles you'd like to use.


When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware, there are many different types to choose from. When selecting kitchen cabinet hardware, you should start with the end in mind. Then, think about your functional needs. Does the hardware fit your fingers comfortably? Does it catch in your pant pockets? These are all factors to consider when choosing the proper kitchen cabinet handles St Louis. Luckily, a few tips help you narrow down your options.

Pulls should be one-third the length of the cabinet. For example, a 30-inch cabinet should have a 10-inch pull handle. If you have larger cabinets, you'll want to choose two handles. If they're smaller, you can choose a single handle.


There are many things to consider when choosing kitchen cabinet handles. Not only should they complement your kitchen's style, but they should also be easy to use. For example, some people prefer knobs, while others prefer pulls. However, whichever style you choose, ensure that it fits well and doesn't hurt your fingers. You can even get matching knobs and pulls for your kitchen's other pieces of hardware.

Decorative knobs and pulls are an excellent way to add a touch of character to your cabinets. You can find decorative knobs in marble, granite, and travertine. While these types of hardware are typically seen in traditional and contemporary decors, they can add a touch of class to any home. Choose knobs and pulls in a color that compliments the rest of your decor.


You can decide on the type of kitchen cabinet handles and knobs for your cabinets in several ways. Knobs are the most basic type of cabinet hardware and are attached to the cabinet doors with one screw. You can replace them with pulls or leave them alone and use knobs instead. The type of hardware you use depends on the look you are going for and the style of your kitchen.

There are two ways to measure the length of your existing pulls and knobs. To calculate the size of your pulls and knobs, you can either find the center of the drawer from its top or bottom edge and measure that distance. For the bottom border, measure half the length of the existing pull and then mark that distance with a pencil. Afterward, measure the size of your cabinet pulls and knobs.


If you're shopping for new kitchen cabinet handles, you'll probably want to keep two things in mind: the style and size of the knobs. For one, the size of the knobs can affect how easy they are to open and close, and the design of the cabinet handles may make them easier to use. Also, you'll want to avoid handles that are too large. The knobs can catch on clothing and other items, but they're also a hazard when wearing flowing skirts and knotted pants. If you're buying new handles, consider whether you want something with a sleeker, more traditional look or a funky, quirky style.

Regardless of what you're looking for, there are three main kitchen cabinet handles knobs, pulls, and cup-shaped pulls. Knobs tend to be the smallest and easiest to grab when you're in a rush, but they're not as practical as pulls. Pulls, on the other hand, attach to drawers in two places, allowing you to grasp them with your entire hand. Pulls come in several styles, including a horizontal bar, vertical bar, and cup-shaped pulls that will enable you to tuck your fingers underneath a curved hood.


When choosing hardware for your kitchen cabinets, you have to consider the style of the rest of the room. For instance, a traditional home should choose ornate hardware, while a contemporary or transitional kitchen should choose sleek hardware. Alternatively, you can choose rustic hardware. There are many different finishes available, so you can find the right kind of hardware to fit the overall style of your kitchen. 

Chrome and brushed nickel are two of the most popular finishes for cabinet hardware, and they're classic options that go with most cabinet colors. They're also versatile, as they can work with both modern and farmhouse-style kitchens. If you'd prefer a brassy look, try polished brass hardware. Brass has a slightly warmer tone than chrome, and it may be just what you're looking for to break up an all-white kitchen.


Most kitchen cabinet handles are available in a variety of sizes. Choose the most miniature version of your chosen handle for narrow kitchen cabinets. For larger drawers and heavy pot drawers, choose the large version. This way, you can maintain a consistent style and size throughout the room. Also, remember that smaller handles may not fit perfectly on all cabinets and drawers. Finally, choose two sizes if you plan to use your cabinet handles for more than one purpose.

The first thing you should consider when choosing new handles for your kitchen cabinets is their size. When replacing the hardware, you should choose a handle that is at least the same size as your existing ones. You can cover up to wear and tear and hide unsightly areas. You can also use a guide to determine the center-to-center distance to find the right size. After measuring the handles for your new kitchen cabinets, select a handle that is made of durable material.

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